What is The Coach Consortium?

The Coach Consortium is an organization dedicated to the success of spirit-led coaches worldwide. Our mission is to equip our members to thrive both professionally in the global marketplace and to support their personal wellbeing and growth: mind, body, and spirit. Our coaches have many different specialties and niches but work with the same goal; to help heal a hurting world and change lives. Healers have a tendency to ignore their own well-being and self-care while focusing on others. The Consortium provides leadership, knowledge, resources, training, networking, retreats, and experiences to help coaches thrive not just professionally but to hold them accountable to their own wellbeing and abundant life. 

Rebecca Lynn Pope is the CEO of the Abundant Life Path Coaching Certification and founder of The Coach ConsortiumShe trains spirit-led coaches on how to position their gifts in the marketplace, create multiple streams of income, and to use their stories to attract clients. Rebecca is also a master Abundant Life Coach who specializes in helping people to heal and experience life-changing breakthrough and enlightenment. Her clients, mentees, and members around the world rely on her for spiritual insight, wisdom, and guidance. 

Who helps the helpers? Who heals the healers? Rebecca created The Coach Consortium to provide ongoing support and guidance for spirit-led coaches as they do their part to help heal the world while manifesting their own dreams. 

What You Receive from THE CONSORTIUM


Private Facebook group for daily interaction and accountability


Business Marketing strategy and support


Spiritual Guidance, Prayer, and Meditation


Mastermind Meetups for Brainstorming & Support


Business tips and resources


Coaching tips and best practices


Coaching and Challenges to help you accomplish both professional and personal goals 


A Network of like-minded coaches and leaders

“We are committed to healing the world, walking in purpose, and manifesting our dreams” .

What You Receive from Circle Experts

guided meditation

nutrition tips

Fitness advice and guidance

Beauty tips 

Business Branding

Financial Wellness

Credit Counseling

Book Publishing

Business Building

Marketing, and much more!

In addition to all of this, you are joining a network of Believers and Go-Getters! There is a synergy within the Consortium that is created by the combined spirit of its members. There is power in people from many different backgrounds coming together with the sole purpose of elevation and progression. You are joining an elite group of leaders who are being intentional every day about helping to change lives and manifesting their dreams. 

Members also receive special discounts on ongoing training, certifications, merchandise, retreats, classes, and events.

coaching series and workshops

choose your plan

You Are Locking This Price In! Your Yearly or Monthly Price Will Never Go Up, Unless you Cancel & Rejoin At A Later Date! 

frequently asked questions

How am I billed and how often?

Your monthly fee for Divine Circle is automatically billed to the credit card you use to join. You will be charged every 30 days. 

What happens after I sign up?

After signing up you will receive a welcome email. Within the email is a link to join the private Facebook group. You will automatically be added to the Divine Circle newsletter to receive updates, homework, and tips via email.

Can I cancel and is there any long term commitment?

You can cancel your membership at anytime. There are no obligations. 

Can I get a refund?

You will have immediate access to course content and materials, live videos, and much more therefore there are no refunds for monthly fees. You can however cancel at anytime.

What do I get with Divine Circle Membership?

Divine Circle is like hiring a master coach at a significant discount while gaining a group of accountability partners. There is a synergy within the Divine Circle to give you the support and help to achieve your goals. You still must do the work but it is much easier when you are surrounded by driven believers like yourself. 



Think life coach, business coach, book club, prayer circle, and like-minded, purpose driven women all in one place…that’s Divine Dreamers! It’s the one safe place I have to dream aloud, and cultivates a culture of actively chasing my dreams down. 




The women in the Divine Circle have become my sisters and best friends. They hold me accountable, inspire me, and push me to be my very best as I build my abundant life. 



Although I found love, I continue as one of Rebecca Lynn’s coaching clients and Divine Dreamers member because I have more areas of my life to obtain abundance and manifest more greatness.


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